The Last Appreciation


Here’s my Harry Potter novels! YES! i was that child who wish to became a wizard and get invited to attend wizard school. i was…. hahaha, its kinda funny how the world finally served you the reality and suddenly you became mad of your childish habit. But i didn’t regret it, i’m proud of being potterhead, at least i had a very imaginative and fun child hood. well.. happy ending does exist in this novel, it was epic, dramatic, and a little predictable, but some chapter’s are terrifying, and some chapter also had a very sad or epic tragedy. i grew up with these novel, i laugh, impressed, desperate, inspired, and so many other experience with these. i must say “goodbye” to these novel, and i would gift it one by one every series of it to my child star from his 6th birthday. I hope he will find the true meaning of friendship, sacrifice, and the spirit of never give up with these JK Rowling masterpiece. I can’t read it again, re-reading it would only make me can’t stop to read it again! hahaha. well.. thanks a lot Ms. Rowling.


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