i think i kinda like i to living my life this way.. seeing my friends by their social media account, judging.. enjoy the feel of being the ‘unpopular person’ in every school he attended

everyone’s a liar, they are never really care about your life, no… do not even think about it. people that attracts you, it is just an illusion, it is ‘unreal’. the only thing that you get while staring at their photos is the unfinished argument about “how this worlds works” between you, and yourself.

i know that wasn’t right, but i just.. you know.. i’ve been choosing the wrong way to analyze the whole things that happen to me. i’m too.. i’m too jealous, and sarcastic.

people come and go, my advise: don’t trust anybody, ever. in case you really need somebody to trust, try duplicating yourself! i used to be a very nice person to myself, i appreciated everything that i had accomplished, either it’s a good or a bad thing, i’m a grateful person to myself. my thoughts are full of question, and sometimes it’s goes to the dogma things, i hate them, but my curiosity… it. is. a. poison.

the media in my times are the most subjective facilities i’ve ever imagine, everything’s must be correlated with the somebody else business, idk, what i’ve been doing? crap.


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