Nothing is Free in This Cruel World

People may have misjudged each other, until it get to the bifurcation point, either it head up to good or bad phase, depends on our perspective. I’m not fibbing with my words, it may sounds inappropriate or scandalous, but it is always been true. i solemnly swear that i’m up to no good in doing things like this, but as long as i keep it confidential, why not?

i was just going to wrote my feelings about movies, how it become a possible equation to change the way people thinking, i just found myself to be fond of the actors and the actress, well, although you could say that they’re technically a dolls played by the written scripts, but it is not that simple. being an actor requires a lot of things, and most of that thing’s are not gained just by learning,  it took talents, unique vibes that every person has a characteristics on it. I really enjoy watching it, alone, start from midnight until dawn, watching, wonder if i was there, lived through that time, experience such a historic moment of mankind, roving forest to find a treasure, sailing the ocean to get into a mystical island full of people communicating by their unlikely voices, or even become a full responsibility person, establishing an organization to gather young-educated man in order to make freedom for his countries upon the colonizer, and so many other fascinating moments.

when i close the lid, i’d confine with the reality again, turn my face into hypocrite-mode and spend the rest of the day be a proper-person just in order to keep the life balance, i reckon that as an utterly selfish habit, but it is worth it, i’m not fine for just being an usual person, predictable, constant, that’s boring. for now on i’d consider myself as a pathetic person, worth to be unfriended, but you know.. that’s all i want!


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