soo… it begins!!! wish me luck and this project would at least being recognised by at least, my dear fellow students of S1 Teknik Perkapalan UNDIP. it is always hard and challenging to created such a pure-studying event, people just get bored about all non-entertainment things.. me too sometimes, but why should i become that type of person? we always got a change to become an ordinary but typical or unusual but fascinating person, and i’ve chosen the second option. idk tho, but from the first time i assigned to education department, i feel kinda belong to it. i always want to improve, develop or event change the whole system, but i only got one single major problem: nobody would listen to a nerdy, pathetic person like me. but who cares? so maybe i would just keep it in my mind for a while, it is 04.00 a.m and i should probably pray shubuh and take a few hour to sleep, then i will back again to collect the variables to reach my dreams: kuliah


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